Our Story

Welcome to Our Winery!

Formerly known as Brucher, we are now known as Golden Bear Winery!

Our Mission

The goal of Golden Bear Winery is to produce distinctive wines with style and grace.

The Schmidt Family

Janis & Michael Schmidt got their start in the wine business when they moved to Pismo Beach in 2007. Along with teaching at Morro Bay High, Janis owned and operated a wine hospitality business. Trying to to incorporate local wines into her business, Janis discovered Santa Maria’s Brucher Winery.
Through the business, Janis and Michael developed a close relationship to Peter Brucher, the founder of Brucher Winery, and they began volunteering at the winery’s events and Michael became Brucher’s sale representative.
Admiring the Schmidt’s dedication, Peter decided to hire Janis to run the entire operation. Challenged by the opportunity, Janis retired from teaching a second time and began learning the winery business!
It was now up to Janis and Michael to run the show. Janis took over the winemaking, cellar work, and business operations, while Michael continued ramping up marketing and sales.

“Running a winery is very hard work, but we love it. We hope you will visit our tasting room and facility when you’re in town. We think you’ll enjoy our wonderful product. We select only the finest grapes, and use traditional, French Burgundian winemaking techniques in order to create a product of exceptional, high quality. We are dedicated to continuing this winery’s tradition of fine, handcrafted, premium wines.”