Wine Pairings


Pinot Noir

As one of the wine world’s most versatile, food-friendly red wines, Pinot Noir brings the rich fruit flavors of strawberry, cherry, and raspberry to the glass, often in a mix of warm spice and earthy undertones. 

However, it’s the combination of great acidity, silky tannins, and distinct body that make it so successful for pairing with a tremendous variety of food favorites. It is best to avoid acidic foods such as those with tomato-based sauces.

Pinot Noir pairs well with everything from cheese and chocolate to Peking Duck and Roasted Beef Tenderloin.

2012 Brucher Pinot Noir



Enjoy our Chardonnay alone or with creamy soups, pastas with white sauce, shellfish, and spring risottos. Chardonnay will also pair well with poultry dishes, pork, seafood or recipes that have a heavy cream or butter base. Also consider paring Chardonnay with guacamole, garlic, salads, grilled shrimp or even curry dishes.

It is a wonderful sipping wine and one that may be served before a meal with strong cheeses such as Pecorino, Parmagiano-Regianno, or Asiago.

2012 Brucher Chardonnay



Merlot wine is perfect for the lunch or dinner table. It’s naturally soft textures and rich flavors work well with a diverse array of foods. For the best wine and food paring tips try matching Merlot with lamb, veal, and stewed dishes. Mushrooms, chicken and pork also pair well. Depending on the preparation, if you choose to use it with fish, add earthy sauces or flavorings. Merlot based wines are also perfect with a myriad of different cheeses.

2013 Brucher Merlot



A favorite register for Grenache is braises and stew such as long, slow-cooked roasts of pork or lamb that may even be a little bit fatty. Shoulder of lamb and lamb shanks are good examples. It also suits daubes and stews with dark, wine sauces too.

Our Grenache is pale red with a lovely sweetness. It is also, however, a big, bold wine that will stand up to the strong flavors of steaks and burgers.

2008 Golden Bear Grenache



Syrah is often a nice compliment to cheeses that have enough flavor and complexity to match this intriguing grape. The smoky character of the Rogue Smokey Blue is cold-smoked over hazelnut shells, which lends a nutty flavor to the cheese. It pairs especially well with Syrah, although many spicy blues also pair well.

Lush, fruit-forward Syrah pairs best with all strong flavored cheeses. Consider putting cheese on a burger and washing it down with a glass of Syrah, or pair it with any favorite barbecued food.

2007 Golden Bear Syrah


Petite Sirah

Don’t be afraid to pair Petite Sirah with big flavors. Its complexity makes it great with almost any big taste. The sweetness of lamb and mint matches the spiciness and fruit in the wine. Roasted beef or pork tenderloin; grilled or barbecue style, with creamy blue cheese sauce, is a big bodied pairing that works wonderfully with the oak and tannins in the wine.

The bite of strong, dry cheese with their high fat softens the tannins in the wine, and encourages the fruit flavors. Spicy, red salsa style Mexican food or meat and bean based spicy foods are also softened by the fruitiness of the Petite Sirah.

2012 Brucher Petite Sirah